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About our gps tracking for cars and vehicles

Autotrak has been in the vehicle recovery tracking business since 1990. We started with a simple paging device with a keypad to turn the vehicle on and off. Over the years, we have evolved into the digital world. Along the way, we have constantly brought our customers the best quality equipment and service the industry has to offer at an affordable price; we do not sacrifice quality for price. Our goal is to protect and recover your vehicles. We achieve this using quality hardware and software.

In the electronics industry, technology changes quickly; we are constantly looking for ways to protect what is important to our customers, their vehicles. Our products are tested for quality and reliability. Automotive electronics is our specialty and with a staff of knowledgeable and highly trained individuals, we have the answers to any of your concerns. Autotrak vehicle tracking devices are designed to track and recover anything that moves and does it with the best equipment the industry has to offer; from a teen driver to heavy equipment, our system tracks anything that moves.

Asset protection is a big part of AutoTrak GPS. Over-the-air updates and sms communication keeps our system up to date and working efficiently. With Autotraks Personal touch and experts in the industry, we can give you the highest level of service and reliability.

We strive to make sure every aspect of the industry is covered, from proper installation to advanced training relating to gps tracking for cars or motorcycle GPS. We take the time to train our customers face-to-face and voice-to-voice; service is what sets AutoTrak apart.

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