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Your home for vehicle tracking devices.

Welcome to AutoTrak where we are committed to helping people like you track your cars, trucks, motorcycles and other movable assets. We are committed in offering the best customer support as we offer high quality automotive tracking services. 

We strive to make sure every aspect of the industry is covered; from proper installation to advanced training. There are so many choices and service has been lost and replaced with call centers and individuals that do not have the level of experience in the electronics field. We pride in having highly trained technicians who are committed to offering customized solutions to all clients by first understanding their needs before offering any tracking solution.

We know our products and understand our customer’s needs. We strive to offer the most reliable  GPS tracking for cars and motorcycle GPS  systems making it easy for you to monitor your actual location. Even if you want to monitor the location of your fleet, our fleet management solution features a host of features that enables you to track all the assets with precision. We strive to make dispatch process for fleets as easy as possible. Our products are the most reliable in the industry and our expert staff can handle any question the customer may have. We value every customer no matter how small.

With personnel that have decades of combined industry experience, we have what it takes to install any vehicle tracking device you can think of. Whether you are looking for a simple asset tracking solution or an advanced system like spy equipment and tracking or teen tracking, we have all that at your disposal.

Say goodbye to the uncertainties of trusting your instinct about the whereabouts of the things that matter to you most; track them using the latest technology from AutoTrak!

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